Simon Hardt

🛸Musician, Soundhealer and Teacher🛸

About Simon

Simon Hardt is a young Multiinstrumentalist from Germany, who plays unique instruments like the handpan, didgeridoo and jawharp.

His incredible talent to improvise and make people move, has led him to countless events and stages over the years. He has already played concerts all over Europe.

Simon’s love for music started 10 years ago with the electric guitar.
After being obsessed with Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana for 5 years, the magical handpan found the way into his life.
He afterwards traveled around the world and made music on the streets with his unusual instrument.
In the three years of traveling, more instruments, like the didgeridoo, the jawharp and the flute joined Simon’s musical repertoire.
He also started experimenting with drum machines, synthesizers and loopers and added electronic beats to his live performances.

His concerts are very diverse and cover a wide range of genres.
From ecstatic live looping sets, to acoustic handpan concerts, all the way to intimate sound healing and meditation sessions, Simon loves to set a beautiful and safe atmosphere for people to express and feel themselves.

In his energetic live looping performances, he combines acoustic instruments with live-produced electronic beats and electric guitar. His music is often created live on the spot, which allows the crowd to witness, and be part of, a creative, spontaneous musical journey.

“I just love to see people reacting to music. It is an old, universal language that can deeply touch anyone.
I see it myself all the time: music moves, heals and really brings you into the present moment.”

Feel free to get in contact with Simonhere.

Upcoming concerts and events in 2024:


  • The SOL Gathering (AU) – 17.07. – 22.07.
  • Panvica festival (SVK) – 26.07. – 28.07.
  • PANdala festival (GER) – 31.07. – 04.08.
  • Roztoc circus festival (CZ) – 15.08. – 19.08.
  • Imago festival (GER) – 23.08. – 04.09.
  • Straßengold Köln (GER) – 14.09.
  • Bürgerhaus Köln Kalk (GER) – 19.09.
  • PANdance festival (GER) – 20.09. – 23.09.
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