My way of teaching

It is my dream to show the world how much power music has. I see it in myself all the time, music can relax, heal, motivate, move or touch you in endless ways. I want to share and awaken these feelings with everyone and hope to ignite the desire to make music in more people. Therefore one of the most important things in my music lessons is to teach how to play with feeling and enjoyment.

I can help you develop useful techniques and concepts so you can explore these beautiful instrument, express your feelings and maybe even start composing your own songs.


Since the Handpan is already an expensive instrument, I like to keep the prices for my lessons as low as possible. I feel that everybody should have the option to learn about music, despite their financial situation. Therefore the prices for my lessons are negotiable. You are welcome to be generous, but still be aware of your budget.

Single Handpan lesson45 minutes€ 10 – 30 per lesson
5 Handpan lessons45 minutes€ 5 – 25 per lesson
Group workshop
max. 15 people
Approx. 1,5 hours€ 25 – 50 per person

These prices also apply for didgeridoo or guitar lessons and workshops.
Feel free to contact me whenever you feel the call to learn.

Lessons are possible both in person and online, for example via Zoom.

Hope to see you soon, Simon

Beginner Handpan workshop at Griasdi Handpan festival 2022
Didgeridoo Workshop

We had a very nice workshop with Simon.  With the one-to-one lessons, we were able to experiment and try out a lot. We had a lot of fun and would do it again any time.  At the end Simon even gave us a little concert, thanks for that.  Highly recommended:)

 ~ Ivo and Merle