About music an how it influences your mind and soul.

If there is a sound and you listen very carefuly and deeply, your mind is fully embraced by it. In the same way you can listen to silence. Listen to silence completely and your mind will be silent to. That’s how I like to start my healing soundjourneys, with an empty state of mind. Sound is vibration. If you allow the vibration to flow through your body and surrender to it, it can deeply touch and fulfill you.

I like to do do group sessions, but also 1 to 1 soundhealing. For the soundjourneys I like to use different instruments like the Handpan, Didgeridoo, Guitar, Chimes, shakers and other soundhealing tools. A session is different every time and so the musician or soundhealer has to adapt to that new surrounding.

If you are interested in receiving a Soundjourney, please contact me.

Interview with Uwe from
Acoustic guitar
Handpan and flute with Marlien
Playing music for patients in a persistent vegetative state
Handpan and didgeridoo