About Me

My name is Simon and making music has been a part of my life since I was 10 years old.
Various genres influenced my music style over the years.
Improvising is one of my biggest strengths, but also I gathered a collection of songs.
I love performing at festivals, workshops, meditations or in similar environments.

Every instrument represents a phase in my life.
Starting with the guitar as my spark for the love of music.
Luckily I discovered the magical sound of the Handpan and decided to live as a street artist for several years.
Shortly after this, the Didgeridoo came into my life, which inspired me to do soundhealing and guided meditations.
I love to combine all the instruments to create a magical atmosphere, in which everyone can rest and let go.

My mission is to show the world how much power music has.
I see it in myself all the time: music can relax, heal, motivate, move or touch you in so many ways.
My passion is to spread and to awake feelings and the desire to make music.

I played on several stages, concerts, meditation sessions and events over the years.
Loving challenges and new experiences, is always bringing me to new places.